I'm a freelance Graphic Designer with a BFA  from the University of Bridgeport and multidisciplinary visual artist based in Stamford, Connecticut. My lifelong inclination toward fine art has led me through painting and photography. My skills allowed me to assist as a graphic designer and creative consultant to small businesses and non-profit organizations in my community. My skills as a graphic designer include Vector Graphics, Editorial Design, Web Design, Video Editing, and Animation. More detailed information is available upon request.


When working with the camera, I enjoy the process of exploring texture, volume, scale, and how those elements interact with the quality of light.


My story with paintings goes back to my teenage years when I was first introduced to oil painting and fell in love with the medium and its many possibilities. My favorite subject matter has always been very illustrative oriented. I enjoy designing paintings rich in ambiguity that depict characters that evoke a human connection and introspection.

Graphic Design

I earned a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Bridgeport in 2009 and assisted small businesses, organizations, and publications in my community. My proficiency in digital media has conducted me from vector graphics to editorial design and motion graphics.

Video Production

I've been able to assist, produce, and direct some video productions ranging from scripting, recording, and editing content for online publishing, including 101 interviews, recitals, and musical performances.