Photo Shoot Story: Southport Diner

I’m always paying attention to architecture, its geometric shapes, color, textures, and scale. So, a couldn’t help noticing a diner restaurant in Southport, CT that I liked and appeared to be closed for business. Not having to be in a hurry, I decided to drive into its parking lot and take some pictures of its exterior and I couldn’t be happier with my results when I transferred the files to my image processor.

Moving forward to a week later, I met with CT model Victoria Smyth at the diner and took a good set of portraits of her featuring some of the diner’s architectural angles I enjoy admiring so much.

Tony, the new owner, was working in the back and he was very generous in allowing us to do our thing. (Turns out he recently bought the restaurant from his uncle and is currently renovating the place). Having said that, I don’t recommend anyone doing what I did, it’s always better to get in touch with someone ahead of time and get permission, so, needless to say it felt very reassuring to get an authorization from the owner and I was happy to take some portraits of him in gratitude.