Background Diversity

As long as we stay focused on creative thinking, facing limitations will give us interesting results. In many cases, those results may be a departure point for something new, and even more interesting.


When I met with Gwen for a very quick portrait session, I had no definitive plan or concept in mind, the idea was to walk around the block and do the best we could with the 20 minutes we both had available. So, at that particular moment, time was my limitation.

Granted, before we met I was planning to create portraits with interesting visual separation between the subject and the background; so being a sunny day, I knew I wanted to take photos with her back to the sun, integrate some texture and take closeup portraits with either my Macro or Telephoto Lens.


So, with those things in mind, the results we got were variety of portraits that work cohesively, and yet, have different backgrounds which also makes each picture stand on its own.

Some of the backgrounds I used were a rusted garage door and a rusted fence, as well as some tall grass we found in a public park and a pink piece of vinyl that was in the shop window of an empty store.

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