Learning to See in Macro

I used to be a little bias against macro photography; then, I learned that macro lenses can be used to shoot intricate portraits, so that got me a little curious and made me interested in getting a macro lens.

In addition to shooting bugs and flowers, I have also used my macro lens to shoot random objects, landscapes, and even portraits. By the time I write this post, it’s been about a month since I first began to shoot with a macro lens and it’s been an eye-opening experience shooting pictures with it. I'd say that some of the things I like most about shooting with a macro lens are the way it blends the foreground with the background when taking portraits, and also how it allows me to get very close to the subject.

So far, I’ve used my macro lens handheld in most cases; sometimes with a flash and even with its focus mode set to manual. A macro lens is not very suitable for fast shooting and it's taking me a while to learn that. Anyhow, I no longer look at macro photos with the same disdain as I used to, because I now understand how difficult getting decent results with a macro lens actually is.