September 2018: Night Shots and Getting Close

“There are the things that are out in the open, and there are the things that are hidden. The real world has more to do with what is hidden.”-Saul Leiter

I started September interested in experimenting with a slow shutter and that in turn got me curious about night photography. Midway through the month, I was able to acquire a macro lens which I’ve been enjoying a great deal; especially to shoot portraits. With that said, it's kind of funny how viewing a subject from up close also got me interested in shooting moving portraits with a wide angle lens!

By the end of September, I watched a few interviews with the late Saul Leiter, a photographer whose work I’ve grown to admire. Something I noticed that was a recurring point in his conversations was his enthusiasm for experimentation, and taking photographs just because one feels like it. Also, I love how there wasn't any mention about camera gear in any of those interviews I’ve seen.

Overall, having access to a variety of focal lengths is making me more conscious about storytelling, and that alone is worth experimenting.

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