Light Control

Having control over lighting conditions multiply my chances of getting good results. With light control, I get sharp detail on shapes and textures, and with that, the illusion of depth and even the sense of mood when taking portraits.


I took these portraits of CT model Stefania Alves on a late fall afternoon. The sun was slowly beginning to set in the horizon, which made the textures of her hair and clothing look very tangible.


Hard light can be a nightmare when taking portraits, but the moment that type of light is under control, hard light can actually open up shadows and outline the form in a very unique way.


On this photo session with Stefania, I used both a flash and ambient light, which in some cases,
I controlled using a pop-up reflector as I pressed the shutter as in the photograph above posted.


It' has taken me some time to begin understanding the limitations, and even the amount of freedom that lighting conditions can impose on photography. Nevertheless, recognizing that struggle and being mindful of it, has helped me with my decision making when taking photos.

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