Moments of No Self-Awareness

Very often, when taking photo portraits, I realize some of my best results are when the person I’m photographing seems to be oblivious about the camera. Nevertheless, let me specify I’m not only referring to taking portraits of a person looking away;  it’s even more fun when that person is looking directly into the lens but seems to be looking past you. Moments like that are when I ’m most motivated to press the shutter, and I don't even care as much if whether or not the camera settings are correct.


I love the feeling when people look beyond the lens because that's when you get to see a small hint of their true selves. So, when it comes to doing photo shoots, I’m now less concerned with poses and more attentive to expressions.


These past few years I’ve been collaborating with models have taught me some key points on how to get the best from the person in front of me. So making an effort to read into the person goes hand in hand with camera settings or the quality of light; because it helps me get that sense of honest storytelling that' I’m going for.


NY based athlete, model, and actress Alicia Ana is someone with very elegant expressions; she reminds me of classic Hollywood stars like Grace Kelly, Ingrid Bergman, and Audrey Hepburn; all of whom I enjoy looking in their movies for their spontaneity. The way she draws you in with her gaze is something that stood out to me when I looked at her past work, and has led me to realize how I now prefer to collaborate with those who have the ability to visualize a character. That’s what brings substance to the end result, and it’s when the magic happens.

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