Back to Drawing, Finally

I’ve been struggling to get back to painting for some time now as I’ve been longing for a more tactile sensation with my creative process<!--more--> So when my friend Eddie Nino asked me to join him on a life drawing, open studio session, I knew it was a good opportunity to reenergize that interest.

I’ve never been good at drawing and I made my peace with it a while back. Nowadays, I perceive drawing as a bypass product to help me learn light, form, and scale and I’m the first to admit that if I had paid more attention to drawing in my earliest development, I would now be on a different level. So it felt really great to be confronted by a blank page, make scratches and smudges as I struggled with the pressure inflicted by time, proportions and direction of light.

These two sketches were done with graphite on regular sketch paper during a 20-minute pose.