Earning Trust, Best Hack in Portrait Photography: A Photo Shoot Narrative

When I was first starting doing photo shoots, I used to get hindered by logistics; like styling, lighting, poses, And shooting space. Over time, I began to observe that many of those things weren't as important and then shifted my attention to how interact with my subject. Obviously, my mindset would be much different if doing photo shoots was a job. But since I have no reason to put restrictions on my process of taking portraits, It’s fantastic when my photo shooting style gives me the kind of results I got from Tatiana later in the summer, which reflects a great sense of trust.

Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan is becoming my main destination when I get to meet someone in NY for a photoshoot. Being so close to The Grand Central Terminal, Bryant Park saves me from taking the subway and venture into the city. Which is a lot of fun, but not so much when you’re there after work. When I met with Tatiana, the area was vibrant with tourist and street performers. I’m more drawn to people who seem to live in the city, it’s interesting to me the sense of weariness they have on themselves as they pace the sidewalks.

Doing photoshoots is a creative activity that liberates me from my introvert nature for a while. The moment I engage with a subject to take a portrait, I become entirely verbal and experimental, and this portrait session with Tatiana was not the exception. After 45 minutes into the shoot, things cleared out to me the moment I began taking pictures of Tatiana seated on the grassy field at Bryant Park. Intentionally avoiding people near Tatiana helped me remain focused on framing the best composition I could manage at the time.

Quite often, I end up with many pictures to choose from, so the moment I find one that speaks to me is when I remember why I love taking portraits. Sure, there’s a lot to be learned from photographers who are technically advanced and use the latest gear, but that for me isn't where it’s at. Tatiana Fedotova is a Magician and Yoga enthusiast who frequently travels between LA and NY. After teaming up for well over two hours, it was rewarding coming home with these pictures that reflect her spirituality and candid nature.