Eddie Niño: Painting Installation. The Landscape Show in Greenwich, CT

I was very excited to help Eddie hang his new collection of landscape paintings at the Greenwich Art Society.  For a number of years, Eddie has dedicated himself to build an impressive body of work that includes multiple of paintings and color studies he did on location throughout different areas in southwestern Connecticut.  To check out Eddie's work, I encourage you to check his website

I grabbed my camera soon after I finished hanging and just started to look for whatever expression might seem interesting on the viewfinder. One thing I try not to do is shoot pictures of people with their back facing the camera, so I opted to shoot from a low angle in order to grab as much as possible with my 50mm mounted on crop sensor and was very happy with a shot of him analyzing how to arrange his paintings.

Choosing to shoot with a corp sensor and a 50mm lens ( Canon 40D/50mm 1.8) presented a great challenge, I really wanted to include more of his paintings as much as possible but spacing was extremely limited. I settled for most shots at  F4/160sec/400 ISO.