Food Photography: Revamping Old Files

I found these files in an old external hard drive. Pictures were taken with a PS camera I had before upgrading to a DSLR. These images were edited from JPG files and post processed with LR focusing on compositional aspects and making basic adjustments to highlight textural elements. Photos was originally taken for Antojitos Chapines, a Guatemalan Bakery located in Stamford, CT. 2012.

  • food-photography-antojitos-chapines-guatemala-bakery-007
  • food-photography-antojitos-chapines-guatemala-bakery-005
  • food-photography-antojitos-chapines-guatemala-bakery-003
  • food-photography-antojitos-chapines-guatemala-bakery-001
  • food-photography-antojitos-chapines-guatemala-bakery-002
  • food-photography-antojitos-chapines-guatemala-bakery-006
  • food-photography-antojitos-chapines-guatemala-bakery-004