Overcoming Shortcomings In Low Light Photography

Not having access to a full frame, newer camera body that handles low light situations does not stop me from pressing the shutter on my older, full frame low megapixel camera. So, for me attempting low light photography only means that I need to spend extra time balancing my settings and doing post-processing. And by that, I mean cleaning up pixel noise as best I can.

On this post, I'm sharing the very last sequence of pictures, Grace, and I created before we called it a day. Taking portraits around the city in the early evening hours is very exciting, I like the effects of city lights on subjects, which It's usually hard, and warm-toned, making everything look as if you were seeing them through tinted class.

By the time I took these pictures, it was well past the blue hour, but not quite as dark. The building on the background is across the street from Bryant Park, in Midtown Manhattan and since it matches with Grace's name, I couldn't help bringing my camera to my eye and play with it. I photographed these portraits from the descending steps going into a subway station, so keeping my balance added an extra touch of difficulty.

I enjoy looking at this set of photos because it shows the subject in a relaxed state mind and that to me is far more engaging than a pixel-perfect photo without substance. these pictures show how comfortable she's connecting with the camera. The picture quality of any of these images would have been better with a higher pixels camera, but until I can have a hold on one, I’m determined to keep shooting with what I’ve got.

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