Photo Shoot Story: Little Italy, New Haven CT

I was happy to finally be able to shoot portraits in Little Italy, New Haven, CT. A location with great places that keep calling me to return and photograph some more.

My reason for shooting in that location was a rusty, old bus I first found in the back parking lot of a pizza restaurant that I saw on a previous photo walk this past summer. That bus struck me with how beautiful it looks, I just love its intricate geometry, rich texture, and striking color!

This portrait photo shoot with Haley served me with the first opportunity to use my collection of prime lenses.

24mm F2.8

Before we started shooting next to the bus, I shot some action portraits of Haley walking on a sidewalk using my 24mm. F2.8 lens. I love how walking in front of the camera and shooting with a wide-angle lens allows for authentic body language.

85mm F1.8

Shortly after, I shot some wonderful portraits of Haley with the 85mm F 1.8 through some tomato plants and in front of a green mosquito net that I loved for how it filtered daylight. Sadly we got kicked out of that place so I couldn’t shoot anymore!

50mm F1.4

By the time we arrived at the bus, I took some portraits of Haley at various distances using the 50mm F1.4 to include the bus as much as possible.

100mm Macro F2.8

Although it was very hard to focus on a fairly fast pace, I liked the results I got from the macro 100mm F2.8 .I think the type of compression it makes lead to a very intimate effect.

Overall,  this shoot sort of introduced me with a new way of shooting on location. Having a wide focal range on a location shoot is a very good incentive to create a sort of visual story. So I think I’m going to stick to this style of shooting for a while despite having to  carry 4  prime lenses make it a bit cumbersome.

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