Shooting Film: Because, why not?

There’s a sense of rawness with film photography that I’m very attracted to, and having worked exclusively with a DSLR for as long as I have, was beginning to feel somewhat shallow. I certainly like that feeling of uncertainty after you press the shutter and advance the film on a film camera.







I recently decided to get a Pentax K-1000 from KEH along with a macro and a 105mm lenses, the entire thing cost me just a little over $100 and I intentionally got a camera with a broken light meter. The purpose of me getting it is to help me become a thoughtful photographer, a more conscious observer and find a way to avoid  instant results, and hence instant gratification. Obviously there's a great deal of guess work involved, but that's also part of the fun for me. With the addition of a 28mm and a vintage 50mm F1.4, I now feel quite excited to start covering different areas of film photography.