Shooting Film: Fuji Superia 400

I was first introduced to photography in my late teens and continued to shoot until well in my early 20s when it began to get expensive and I got bored from shooting trees, or the occasional trip to NYC.  Years later I'm back to it, but rather than investing on film, I'm investing on pixels.

After following some YouTubers like Ted Forbes, Eduardo Perez Coye, or  Matt Day, I began to feel interested in shooting film again, so I decided to get a Film camera and ordered a Pentax K1000 from KEH with a broken light meter, and along with the camera, I also purchased a 28mm, 35mm macro and 135mm, the total cost was less than $200. My next goal: Learn to develop my own film.

These are some pictures I shot near the Westport library in Westport, CT using Fuji Superia 400 I got from CVS and had processed through, nothing fancy, and yet, oddly enough still magical. I know there's far better film, but who cares? I certainly don't seek to find perfection or accuracy when I shoot with film, I just want to shoot and still have that sense of wonder and not being complacent with that instant gratification you get from losing at the back of the camera.