Sketches by Edward Hopper

Having the opportunity to view the sketches of any artist is simply mind blowing, it's something that makes me feel as if I was a fly on the wall being witness to his or her struggles and observations. Looking at these sketches by American artist Edward Hopper is very inspiring to me,  simply because it shows the work he put into his compositions and the orderly fashion in which he arranged every element.  The looseness of these sketches shows a mind in action, but more than that, they show the pursuance of narrating a story.

New York Movie, 1939

Poder observar los bocetos de cualquier artista es simplemente una experiencia muy motivadora para mi,  es como si de alguna manera pudiera estar presente y observar la lucha con que se busca darle el sitio adecuado a cada elemento de la composicion.

Poder apreciar estos bocetos del pintor American Edward Hopper es sin duda muy estimulante para mi, me permite ver el trabajo que el puso para ir desarrollando la idea, o lo que es igual, me permite apreciar como el iba en busca de narrar una historia.

Office at Night, 1940