Spring Awakening on Washington Square Park

These days, Saturday morning is the only time I have to do whatever I like without any time restrictions, and since I was still excited for my recent trip to New York the weekend before, I decided to take another subway train and check out Washington Square Park.


A location I recall seeing over the years in many movies and countless stock photographs. I was amazed by how it attracts many exciting people, especially street performers and photographers alike, which made me feel less susceptible to having a camera myself. Such a place like WSP is ideal for practicing street photography, it seemed to me that people there become accustomed to seeing cameras, so in my opinion, they’re more likely to let their guard down.


Using only one focal length for a while to do street photography was very helpful in teaching me how to see and recognize what focal length works and which one doesn’t. As I began editing my shots, I realized that the standard lens rather than the wide converter could have been a better choice for framing and bringing the subjects closer to the foreground; so that’s something I intend to keep in mind next time I’m photographing subjects that are more or less static. Like people seating on a bench or just hanging out on a street corner.