Strong and Soft: A Photo Shoot Narrative

I finally had the opportunity to do a photo shoot in a location I had scouted nearly two years ago; which goes to show you how difficult it can be to get things done sometimes. On this occasion, I was joined by Courtney on a rainy morning, she was very generous in providing different outfit options that fortunately for me matched the engaging aesthetics of a painted window I always enjoy seeing.

When it comes to color, I choose to keep things simple and straightforward, so in my mind, I'm always referencing to late 20th century pop culture. I like creating the effect of ’bleeding’ color, that is overlapping shapes of the same color to build a more vibrant composition.

Courtney is a model that made it a little challenging for me; she exalts a great deal of natural sex appeal and glamour, which isn't something I seek after. That said, the more opportunities I get to collaborate with attractive women, the more I become aware of the shortcomings that come along with projecting them in a certain way. So, It's critical for me not to feed to any social preconceptions with the work I do.

I realize plenty of exciting shots began to emerge the moment I assimilated her graceful nature, so more than a sexy lady, I saw a young woman with interesting layers ranging from strong to soft, and overall I think that's the essence of the pictures we created.

Find Courtney on Instagram as @_saci.k