Thoughts on Process: Embracing Limitations

Having limited assets can be an incentive or a roadblock. Regardless of what you choose, limitations never fail to teach us something valuable. Although my thoughts on this post reflect my take on limitations in camera equipment, they also represent my new approach to my other creative endeavors. Equipment is not everything.

Limitation: Insufficient light and ISO performance in DSLR camera. I used my cell phone as the main light source.

Model: @aida_NYC

In the context of accessing tools to stay creative with a camera, limitations have not always been simple. I crave what I don’t have and tend to neglect what I already got! So, there have been times when my passion for being creative ran the risk of only being a reason for consumption, leaving me with a sense of dissatisfaction, and making the whole process a little less fun.

Limitation: Lack of time to adjust camera settings.

Just as having access to the latest technology or the best quality of products can make a task easier, accessibility can also make me lazy and complacent. So, as I’m getting older, I’m aware of my limitations and try to embrace them. Recently, as I learned that many A-Listed photographers actually worked with minimal equipment, I began thinking about how much I needed to switch my focus and concentrate on what moves me to pick a camera in the first place. Limited time, limited resources, and even having a limited skillset are influencing how to apply rational thinking to my creative process, and that feels liberating.

Limitation: Lack of time to adjust zone focusing.