October 2018: A Month of Portraits

October 2018 is long gone and I can’ help to wish I had been out more enjoying all the wonderful rich tones nature has to offer that time of year. The few times I ventured outside was to scout locations for portrait sessions and by then I felt it was kind of late to dig deeper into landscape photography.


I rarely take portraits, and in October I was able to arrange portrait sessions nearly every weekend of the month. I got to collaborate with thriving and talented people, including local models that bring loads of character to a photograph.

As I gear up for the winter season, and therefore; a new year, I'm beginning to feel the need to work in sequential order. The way I got to work on my photography this past month was exhausting and even left me feeling a little underachieved; regardless of being happy with some of the pictures I took, and that I even boosted my confidence working with the camera now that recognizing focal length is now a little less blurry in my mind.